How To Debut: Part Two

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As I am preparing for my redoubt, I have had a couple of realizations that I want to share with you. As someone who embraces change, I encourage you to take a look inside yourself with open eyes. Why? You can only reintroduce yourself if you are growing into something DIFFERENT. The best part of re-debuting is that you have done it in the past. Remember when you were getting ready for a new school year as a child? You were ready to show your peers that you were a new and improved version of yourself. This may included a new outfit, a new set of friends or a new school to begin with. In this post, take the same childhood innocence and growth to develop your re-introduction. 

Tip 4

Do you internal work even if you have to move your debut until Fall

The best thing about debuting is that it is on your own time and pace. There are debuts in the fall and the spring. I recommend you also do your internal work to make sure on what you are inviting into your life stays there and continues to have ground to grow. It’s natural in human nature to not stay the same for many years. Habits can be changed and developed over time to something new. These changes of habits are what I call internal work and it takes thinking. 

Thinking and reflecting is a significant portion of changing your thoughts and habits. You need to make time for yourself to think without barriers for long periods of time. It can come in asking yourself reflective questions or journalling for weeks about a particular topic on your mind. Westernized-focused productivity encourages people to be “fast thinkers”. Do you think fast thinking is a sustainable solution over time? Yes, you can make a fast decision but, the question is the decision valuable over time. 

As an example, Jessica has an internet focused business where she is selling digital products. She finds that her competition is constantly producing content for social media platforms, Instagram and Twitter. Jessica is ready for her next stage of business and clients but, she has a mental block towards producing content on Instagram and Twitter. As she takes her summer vacation, she uses the time to ponder some next stages like what mental blocks does she have, how does she talk about her business, how does she treat it and if she want to produce content for that audience. All of these choices and decisions take longer scope thinking and decision making.

In the end, Jessica looks at her competition and her audience to see that her audience enjoys Pinterest more as a marketing channel. She establishes her base on that social media platform, reaches her audience and makes herself different. Apply this similar mindset to your personal development.

Tip 5

Prepare your home for your new chapter

I am a firm believer of having gorgeous things around me in my home because it encourages me and recharges me. Sometimes you need to let go of things to begin to bring in new things. In order to receive the greatness that is coming your way, you must let go of the things, ideas and people that have hurt you. My personal belief is there is no sense to keep things from people who have hurt you in the past. Let it go, and bring more into your space. 

One of the aspects of my home that I adore is the rituals I dedicate to it. From how I clean it to how I scent it, I developed a love for my home and it’s developed a love for me back. My mother used to say “Treat your home with respect, and it will respect you back.” Some actionable steps to prepare your home for the next chapter:

  • Make a list of items that you desire for your home and a list of items to donate
  • Spend at least 20 minutes cleaning your home daily to maintain the upkeep 
  • Scent your home with incenses and candles that radiate calmness
  • Changing how you wake up in the morning and how you go to bed daily

Try at least one of these stepping stone examples for the next 30 days. The best way to try new things is to make the decision to apply and follow through. If you desire to keep track of your changes, make a separate journal to write how you feel about the new changes. 

Tip 6

Ask to remove the negative things, people and beliefs in your life to make room for the positive

To be realistic, you may find yourself outgrowing people, things and beliefs in your life. The key understanding that you are making a firm decision on asking for your future. Think about it this way. Your personality, lifestyle and mindset is influenced by the five closest people to you in you life currently. If you are a person surrounded by people who are negative, nasty, codependent, sabotages, and hates anything out of their normal. Don’t you think you will not be able to grow? Let’s say you take that first step into recovery but you have people in your ear talking about it’s worthless, you will never heal, it didn’t work for me, sabotages your efforts through physical actions, drugs or always needing your attention for help…..

If your recovery isn’t going as great as you planned, it is time to take a look at how active you are in that recovery and the people around you. People quit their recovery process due to the inactivity that they adapt into their lives. Everyone has expectation of you, and some people can communicate that to you. However, you do not have to meet them because they may be bad for you in the long run too. 

These are starting point examples that are stepping stones to shifts that you desire to make. The best part about personal development is that it is personal and unique to you. The world can be a boring place if you decide to follow the crowd. In an online space where people are following certain trends, you can use your flare and uniqueness to bring light and color into your world. 

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