5 Steps You Can Take to Build Your Fertility Awareness

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In the last year, I made it my mission to learn more about the female body and its functions. I have always been curious about how my body experiences things like fertility and periods. I was raised with an awareness of my period, but I still did not know much about the understanding of fertility awareness. This post will discuss five steps you can take to take control of your fertility. 


The first step you must take is understanding what is happening in your body. If you do not know, you cannot understand what is happening. One of the great fortunes of westernized society is the ability to find information through the internet from books, research papers, and scholars. Awareness can start as simple as reading a book on the basics of the female body. One of my favorite beginner books for fertility and cycle syncing awareness is In the Flo by Alissa Vitti. She breaks down how your period is an essential part of your body and part of a four-cycle process. It’s a great starting point for those diving into their fertility. 

Track your health

As a portion of your awareness, I have found that understanding how your body functions and fluctuates allows you to track where you are. I realize what puts me in a good or bad mood from my environment, food, supplement intake, and sunlight intake. Tracking your health gives you a baseline to understand where things are happening. Plus, I have found keeping detailed reports of how I follow my health makes my experience with health professionals much smoother.  

How can you do this with your fertility? I have learned from Learn Body Literacy to adapt the Fertility Awareness Method by tracking my basal temperature, fluids, moods, and critical activities. As I go through my day, I keep track of my actions that may affect me down the line. The FAM method is one of the newer methods I have been adopting, along with cycle syncing. It keeps me in a reasonable frame of mind while helping me maintain a good health baseline. 


In Westernized society, women are taught to ignore their bodies. The extreme stress of productivity does not work for women and men alike with how hard it is on the human body. This is where acceptance comes in. Accept that you cannot do it all without something failing in exchange. It could be your body, personal relationship with your inner self, or relationships with others in your family or work life. Accepting that you desire a change with your being is key to changing anything in your life, especially your fertility. 

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Diet (Physical and Emotional) 

There is soul food and food for the soul—two halves of the same coin. Women are naturally more in tune with their bodies as we run on a cyclical system versus a linear system. Your diet should be a part of that cycle too. What you consume physically in one portion of your cycle (follicular) is different than what you crave in your menstrual cycle. 

This goes for how you handle your emotional diet. It is okay if you want to stay home and only feel the energy to go out only two weekends out of the month. Portions of your cycle encourage you to stay home, and other parts encourage you to get social with others. It’s your intuition guiding you into what is best for you. 


The definition of intuition is immediate apprehension or cognition. The human female body is a fantastic ability to know what is wrong. It’s the conditioning that women that taken in their lifetimes that have taught us to ignore it. No more! Your intuition tells you what’s right or what’s wrong. It can also be labeled as the fight or flight response to things. 

That feeling in your gut that this person isn’t the right one for you or this experience makes you feel unsafe – listen to it. 

I had to learn the most from these five steps to listen to my intuition. You can physically do the steps of removing your birth control, cycle sync, and measuring your health. However, intuition is the hardest step because you reconnect with the inner self that you may have ignored for so long. You learn to put yourself first and trust your intuition the most. It comes scary but freeing to do so. If you start on this journey of taking care of your fertility and building your fertility awareness, trust that you are making the right choice. Comment down below any thoughts that you have learned about yourself on this journey. 

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