How to Do My Makeup Better

3 Things I Have Done to Make My Makeup Better

Can we take a moment to get real about makeup for a second? I have seen so many people say that makeup is difficult and hard. I understand how this idea can come into some people’s reality. I used to research, “How to do my makeup better”, watch hundreds of Youtube videos and try so many products. The feeling of being overwhelmed with makeup with thoughts like what products should I use, how should I apply this or is this foundation the right shade. I get it because I was there at one point in my life. 

Overtime, beauty has become such an evolutionary process for me that I have come to love. Through this process, I developed a new mindset towards makeup that it should not have to be hard. I am going to share with you what I have done through three ways I have done to make my makeup better over time. My goal is I want you to enjoy beauty by making your makeup process much easier for you. 


The first method I have applied to my makeup practice is the importance of hydration. It is one of the most important aspects to my routine because of how it effects everything in my makeup experience. I am a combination skin type, which means I can get dry in the winter and oily in the summer. Hydration is a key step for me to prime my skin in preparation for makeup. It also helps make my makeup more impactful with color and staying power. I am a fan of glow-focused primers and moisturizers as they have more hydrating ingredients like hyrulaic acid.

Makeup Play

The second method I applied to my makeup practice is understanding the importance of playing with makeup. The idea of makeup play has allowed me to practice my makeup skills over time. You should not be expected to be be a pro or a master at makeup from doing it once or twice. Right? You do not learn things this way. You have to try and play with makeup to figure out what works for you. I utilized my 31 days of beauty as a challenge to myself to learn new techniques, reduce makeup time and so on. It helped me to hone in on my skills of what works best for me and my face.


The third method I applied to my makeup practice is find out what techniques work for me versus what works for others. I actioned on this method by looking at my face and my beauty to understand what is my skin tone, my under tone and my skin tone. I applied these different methods overtime in my makeup play until it clicked. I understood as a huge learning that makeup is like painting. You can utilize pigment to apply to your face like canvas and create an images of lights, darks, colors, undertones, and shadows. Some artists use brushes, some use their fingers, some use sponges and others use other tools to make their work come alive.

If there is anything I want you to take away from this is the approach of being a student learning how to do makeup while having fun. You are an artist utilizing your beautiful canvas called your skin to create what you desire. The beauty of makeup is that it is an adventure of pigments created for ability to change someone’s look to what they desire. If you agree with this method of thinking, I invite you to try the 31 Days of Beauty Challenge available for your reading leisure.

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Sterling Jones
Sterling Jones is the Editor in Chief of The Beauté Study, where is responsible for leading the editorial calendar and creation of online educational content across all categories, brand partnerships, VIP concierge, agency-side of business, and online classes. Sterling loves to write and create engaging content about the power of beauty, cultural trends and lifestyle brands. She founded this platform in 2017 and organically grown into a trusted media platform with the support of a growing population of feminine women growing and defining in their beauty epiphanies. Under her leadership, the brand has worked with other brands in partnership like La Mer, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, Mejuri, Follain, Cocokind Skincare, Moisture Love, Rein Beauty, Proven Skincare, The Beaute Culture Conference, QCNY Luxury Spa, Merit Beauty, and more. Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Sterling holds two undergraduate degrees in Art History and Business of Beauty and Fragrance, the perfect blend between cultural know-how. She can be found on all socials under @thesterlingstudy.

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