How the Upkeep App Founder Plans to Elevate The Medical Aesthetics Industry

Upkeep’s founder, Tiffany Demers
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If you are looking to head to a trusted medspa, you are in the right place. Meet the Upkeep app and it’s founder, Tiffany Demers. She found that finding a trusted med spa was not an easy task to manage. Before, someone would either take hours to find the right spa to ensure that they were getting service by reading reviews, booking a consultation, or contacting a beauty broker. Tiffany created Upkeep, a first-of-its-kind beauty marketplace app designed for med spas that allows beauty lovers to search, schedule and pay for their cosmetic dermatology treatments in one place.

As a beauty expert, Tiffany Demers has years of beauty experience where she served as the Director of North America at Matrix, and the Director of Global Travel and Beauty at WESSCO International and other brands before she began Upkeep. At The Beauté Study, we adore high-quality beauty services, and Tiffany has given us the inside scoop on her company’s app to give you a high-quality service of a lifetime.

Upkeep App’s Med-Spa Quality

As a client of a spa, you want to trust your med-spa knows what they are doing by accepting their providers have the qualifications needed. Upkeep has a similar methodology with how they review their med-spa partnerships. Tiffany discussed with The Beauté Study on how quality is their utmost concern as a brand, and it’s their secret ingredient to making their clients happy. To the brand, less is more with focusing on a limited treatment menu that features state-of-the-art technology with best-in-class products like Hydrafacials, hair removal, body contouring, injectables, and more. How do they know that they keep their consumers happy? Tiffany states, “they will get the most effective medical aesthetics treatments available, at the fairest price, with the finest providers – without having to do all of the footwork to figure it out.” It makes it easy for a new client to med-spas or a beauty expert to utilize Upkeep to their beauty advantage.

As a female-founded company with a diverse team, Upkeep loves to support quality med-spas with a diverse representation in the medicinal aesthetics community as well. As long as the provider specializes in one of their treatment menu services and meets their quality standards, Upkeep is open to them even if they only offer one service. The more diverse the provider with multiple modalities saves the future time of the client who may stack their treatments and are more likely to return to one service provider in-app. The company also embraces top-tier medspas, dermatologists, cosmetic injectors, and plastic surgeons who offer their treatment menu of services.

Upkeep App’s Signature Quality

Upkeep partners with med-spas who are willing to showcase examples of their work to keep up their high-quality service. The company makes sure that its partners are the best of the best through internal quality standards. As clients of beauty service providers, we are always looking for more photos and videos of amazing work. Upkeep acknowledges that too by showing work on their Instagram and Tiktok. “We get a lot of content from influencers because they are in the business of sharing, and we also get non-influencer content too”, says Tiffany. The social team of the company makes it easy to see what types of services the app features through a mix of ASMR, vlogs, and before & after videos of services like facials, fillers, and laser treatments.

One of the most important parts of beauty services is the trust between your provider and the client. We asked Tiffany to dive more into how the app’s users can recommend services through reviews and choose service providers they like over time:

Tiffany: Users can recommend their favorite services and providers to friends on the app and earn Upkeep Rewards to redeem for aesthetic services – which is pretty cool. Trust is one of our core values, so we understand that our clients may feel more comfortable with a provider they are already familiar with. Upkeep app users can certainly rebook with a provider they like. Clients should also feel at ease booking someone new as we make painstaking efforts to make sure that all providers on the app are fantastic. The advantage to repeat booking with Upkeep is convenient app-based booking, elite providers, and fair upfront pricing that saves our clients time and keeps them looking great!

Upkeep App’s Future Plans

As the beauty industry is growing, there has been a rise in interest in beauty-adjacent wellness services that clients are interested in taking part in. Brands like Goop and Golde have taken over the beauty-wellness product space. In services, you may see New York-based services from spas like The Tox and Ora Space diving into wellness full stop with lymphatic drainage massages and acupuncture facials. “Wellness and saunas are great, but there are other apps to book that. We differentiate by being the dedicated destination for distilling the medical side of beauty. We are focused on offering the most effective specialized treatments in medical aesthetics that have real results backed by science,” said Tiffany on the possibility of Upkeep adding wellness services to their app in the future.

As medical aesthetic treatments and brands are becoming more famous to younger clients like Gen Z, Upkeep plans on keeping themselves relevant. Young women are posting Upkeep on TikTok as their go-to app to get their lip fillers, Hydrafacials, chemical peels, and more services because of how easy the app is to use. What about new technology in the medical aesthetic industry? Upkeep has got you covered. Tiffany states, “New medical aesthetic treatments and cosmetic pharmaceuticals are coming out all the time, technology is constantly evolving and we see ourselves at the forefront of this burgeoning sector.” In partnership with med-spas, the quality Upkeep Beauty maintains their clients to have makes the industry a little more accessible than before.

Check out the Upkeep app on the Apple App Store and Google Play now, and the Android version is expected to release in early April. Upkeep is available in locations: in New York, LA, and Miami. They will be expanding to Texas, Northern California, and the DC/Maryland/Virginia area as their next round of expansions. Check in-app to learn more about the future cities and expansion in the United States!

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