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Meet Jessica “Jess” Sepel of JSHealth
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As consumers are becoming more interested in their health, there has been a rise of beauty-associated wellness for women in the United States. Examples of these types of wellness include cycle syncing and biohacking with it’s association to how your skin looks and how your skin is showcasing other factors in the body. Amazing women-founded companies are leading the charge with creating products with women first with their studies and research. One of these women-founded companies is JSHealth Vitamins, an Australian company founded by a clinical nutritionist and 3-time best-selling author Jessica “Jess” Sepel.

We took some time to chat with Jess about her approach to women’s health, skin health, her vitamins, and her philosophy as we tested JSHealth Vitamins


How do vitamins aid women with cystic acne by improving their relationship withthe gut?


Jess: You may have heard the saying ‘good skin begins in the gut.’ The gut and skin are organs with important immune and neuroendocrine roles. The gastrointestinal system appears to participate in the development of many inflammatory conditions. If all that sounds too science-y, in essence, the research suggests that gut disorders are often accompanied by various skinmanifestations, such as in conditions like acne, dermatitis, and psoriasis.


Do you encourage your clients to take these vitamins during a certain time period of their cycle like their menstrual, follicular, ovulation, or luteal phase vs. daily?


Jess: Yes, you have to always read the label and directions of use on formulations as different supplements should be taken at different times for optimal results. The label will guide you. For example, I do encourage people to take our Hair + Energy on a full stomach at breakfast time – as zinc on an empty stomach can cause nausea and iodine increases energy (why it should be taken in the morning). Another example is taking magnesium at night time for better sleep and muscle relaxation.


How long are your claims to see results externally through the skin?


Jess: You can generally see results anywhere between 4-8 weeks, however as individuals are so unique, results will vary. This is because one person may be particularly deficient in a specific nutrient, in which case they may see results faster than someone who wasn’t as deficient. The length of time you may notice results will also differ if you are taking other vitamins or medications, as well as lifestyle factors playing a role.


Do you have any experience with consumers taking this supplement to improve their hair loss?

Jess: Specific supplements have been traditionally used to improve hair growth as hair loss is a common issue that may be improved with vitamin and mineral supplementation. They are important for normal cell growth and function and may contribute to hair loss if deficient.

Fucoidan (extracted from brown seaweed), rich in iodine, is known to promote growth factors that are connected with the hair cycle. Research has found that the characteristics help stimulate the production of growth factors that play a role in tissue regeneration.


What do you recommend for the best dietary choices with this supplement, and how do you share this message with interested clients ready to improve their wellness?


Jess: The JSHealth philosophy embraces the idea that life should be about balance in every way. Enjoy all foods and eat foods that make you feel good. Instead of engaging with the diet culture mentality of restriction, focus on the abundance of nourishing foods that will fuel your body and build your meals around these. A balanced plate contains complex carbohydrates, quality protein, fats, and fiber – with plenty of plant foods in the mix! Think about eating the rainbow each day, with an emphasis on whole foods. The rainbow of whole foods contains essential nutrients and minerals that can support skin and hair for example.


Does your brand focus on herbal medicine come from Western or Eastern practices like China, India, etc?


Jess: It actually comes from following both traditional use (mostly Western and Eastern medicine) and scientific evidence. Every ingredient in each JSHealth formula is backed by traditional evidence and/or scientific research and the thorough knowledge of our team of experts. This means that we include ingredients traditionally used in health practices from a variety of different countries and cultures around the globe, which each have their own benefits in their herbal traditions.

Courtesy of the brand


Our Review

Jess and her team kindly sent over their vitamins for our editor to test for 30 days. We tested SkinBright+ With SkinAx2TM and the Skin + Digestion Vitamins. We have been following the directions with each vitamin as they are essential for hitting our skin goals. We saw a reduction in active acne around the forehead, jawline and chin while boosting radiance and evening complexion. Pairing these vitamins with topical products and treatment served by a qualified expert like an esthetician will boost your skin goal much faster than you have ever expected. 


Our Favorite:

JSHealth Skin Bright+ with SkinAx2TM for it’s once per day volume, capsule size and zero taste. The benefits of this vitamin include radiance + complexion with the SkinAx2TM proprietary blend, vitamin C for improving and supporting skin health and much more. Jess spoke with us about external clinical studies on their chosen ingredients to aid with radiance:

“JSHealth SkinAx2TM is a proprietary blend of ingredients combining French Grape Seed and Melon Extracts, along with Vitamin C and Zinc. It is rich in antioxidants and skin-supporting nutrients which is why external studies have shown that it can really improve many aspects of your complexion.”

Note: Results are based off our editor utilizing both vitamins with topical products and skincare treatments like facials, at home laser and sunscreen.

Clinical Study: 

For example, a clinical study on women aged 40-70 found that in just 8 weeks it:

  • Increased skin luminosity by 26%**
  • Helped relieve dark circles by 11.7% and reduce color by 19%**
  • Helped reduce skin spots (color and quantity) by 20.7%**
  • Helped reduce skin redness by 19.3%**
  • Increased elasticity by 8.53%**
  • The overall score of skin imperfection (dark circles relief and color, redness, spots, and

smoothness and consistency) had been significantly reduced by 18.0%**


***Reference: Dumoulin et al. Clin Cosmet Investing Dermatol. 2016; 9: 315 –324.


If you are looking for a vitamin that aids with your gut, we recommend JSHealth Skin + Digestion. It’s a great starting vitamin to get to the root of your gut to skin issues then followed by the JSHealth Skin Bright+ with SkinAx2TM. Both are together in a Skin Elevation Bundle. As always, it’s best to talk to your health professional to confirm if these products are best for you.

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