How this Women-Founded Tea Company is Changing the Industry

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Photography by Laura Cepeda

Hello everyone!

Today I want to talk to you about an amazing company that I am really interested in. It’s called, a female-owned tea company founded to support women especially in personal health. champions women and support for women in their community. Tea is a huge part of my life here in the South, especially on both sides of my family. From Early Grey, Green Tea to Southern Sweet Lipton Tea, tea is a huge part of Southern culture. My family believes that a good cup of tea could cure the blues, a sore throat and a horrible day. So, when I found out about, I reached out to Laura and Kristena to learn more about their amazing company,



Interview with the #girlbosses behind, Laura and Kristena. 


Photography by Joseph Andrew Killeen Photography

What’s the story behind How did you ladies meet?

“We met at a church in New York City, where we both served as volunteers in the Prison Ministry. We built a strong bond sharing our stories with each other on the bus to Rikers Island to visit female inmates. Serendipitously, we both loved a particular C.S. Lewis quote on friendship. It was like “Ooh you too! I thought I was the only one!” It was just one of those moments. We connected in a really deep, meaningful way — shared the same passions and values.

We started this company because we are best friends with a deep love for Tea. Though we come from different cultures, both our families celebrate traditions of Teatime, so it was natural for us to create a business around the culture of Tea. We wanted a name that both spoke to the nature of our friendship, as well as the nature of our business, which isn’t just about tea but about bringing diverse women like us together to uplift and empower each other. Hence, besteas!”

What are tea sommeliers and what’s the process of becoming one?

“A Tea Sommelier is a professional who has been rigorously trained in the knowledge, history, processing methods, and preparation of tea, just as the more widely known wine sommelier is with wine. To become certified, we completed a months-long training course where we studied the origins and principles of tea, terroir, tasting, and evaluation. Part of our training included correctly identifying a “mystery tea,” and creating a blend (we made chai).

This thorough knowledge and understanding of tea enables Certified Tea Sommeliers like us to:

—make recommendations to tea lovers, based on their unique needs and preferences

—interpret tasting notes associated with different teas and suggest the best pairings

—create blends

—design menus for retail stores or restaurants “

Who are your amazing female-owned tea sources? I would love to spotlight them.

“We have cultivated special relationships with a few very small sources, and so, while we would love to shout them out, we prefer to keep those cards close to our chest.”

What other companies, besides the Big Sisters Organization, do you support?

“We have long partnered with our local library, giving back to area youth with special events and tea parties. “

What is different about from other companies, especially today where there are amazing, upcoming brands focusing on personal health? 

Photography by Joseph Andrew Killeen Photography

“We are a women-led company that is for women, in every sense of the word. As women we understand the unique needs of women. In the personal health & wellbeing arena, women’s health & wellbeing deserves distinction, but often that distinction is achieved through a hyper-focus on appearance. We women are such deep, dynamic, and generative beings, and our wellbeing depends on so much more than our physical health or beauty. We must be nurtured spiritually and emotionally as well — true wellness for women requires a holistic approach. Our teas proudly contain high quality, organic ingredients and are blended to support the unique rhythms and biology of a woman’s body. And our soul as a company proudly champions the innate power and potential in every woman, so that our brand nurtures not just body, but mind and spirit as well. “

Photography by Laura Cepeda has officially launched their online shop here! You can also find them at good goods, and Neighborhood Natural Medicine. Also, this week is having a challenge in celebration of their new online store launch. I want to thank Creative Girl Gang for introducing me to this wonderful brand, and Shannon from for all her help!  After all, THE FUTURE IS FEMALE.

Here’s the challenge:

“This week is all about giving thanks and CELEBRATING. To keep the nourishing gratitude vibes going post-holiday (or to help you recover from a less than feel good visit with the fam), we’re hosting a #gratitudechallenge with our friends @realitcheck next week. In true besteas. form, we’re getting real about what a beauTEAful life really looks like — the challenge is to offer a bit of gratitude to the little things and messy moments.

We’ll kick things off on Monday, November 27 and run the challenge through Sunday, December 3.

How it works::

  1. Each day post a picture inspired by that day’s prompt (prompts below).
  2. TAG and @realitcheck and use the tag #MyBeauTEAfulLife
  3. Search for the challenge hashtag and show some support for fellow participants by liking and commenting on their posts.

For the planners out there, the prompts will be:

Day 1: A place you are grateful for

Day 2: A person you are grateful for

Day 3: A ritual or practice you are grateful for

Day 4: A mess you are grateful for

Day 5: An object you are grateful for

Day 6: A creation you are grateful for

Day 7: A process you are grateful for

Challenge will kick off on Monday!

– ”

P.S. Can you sip with us?

Be blessed,

Sterling x


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