Shea Butter Baby: How Cantu Beauty’s Shea Butter Line Moisturizes Natural Hair

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Hey everyone,

I wanted to do a quick review of some of the favorite products of 2017. Cantu Beauty has this wonderful collection that focus on Shea Butter and my hair loves it! Here’s a review and how I use the products.

Cleansing Cream Shampoo*

First, I start off with Sulfate-Free Cleansing Cream Shampoo. It does not have sulfates, silicones, parabens or mineral oil. I usually start with about a quarter size in my palm and rub the product through my hands to lather. It lathers up quickly then I place it on the scalp of my hair. Usually, I do this in parts to make sure I work the product into my hair. I make sure to get the top of my hair and the short parts of my hair to get a good clean.

While in the shower, I usually comb out my hair with my fingers to make sure I get out all the product after I rinse and to prepare for the leave in or the deep conditioner.

Leave-In Conditioning Repair Cream*

After I lightly dry my hair with a microfiber towel, I would part my hair back into sections to place this product in. With one section, I would finger coil with my fingers to get the effect maximum. Sometimes, I would alternate with the Coconut Curling Cream in each section while doing this.

Coconut Curling Cream*

This product seal the deal. After using the leave-in, I make sure to seal the conditioner with this product right after. It makes my curls extra bouncy and helps my short curls in the back get definition.

Comeback Curl Spray*

This product saves my hair for the next day or when I need a refresh for my hair when it’s frizzy. It helps especially with the back ends of my hair that need some help curling up. It makes my hair coil up when it’s really dry.

Would you repurchase these products?

Absolutely! My hair soaks these products right up like it’s food for your hair. Plus, I am a huge person that is picky on a smell. These products smell amazing, and they aren’t too heavy in scent where you would feel overwhelmed all day.

Updated March 27, 2018, with Hair Result Photos

I usually like to finger coil my hair with these products. I sometimes like to do a two strand twist as well. Below I have the finger coil styled hair with these products!

After washing with the shampoo and before the conditioner
Adding the Leave-In Conditioner and the Curling Creme while finger coiling to style

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